EIGRP Topology, Routes, and Convergence

The second major branch of EIGRP logic is the topology exchange. We have discussed EIGRP neighborships on the last few posts and now we're moving to exchaning topology information between neighbors. Building the EIGRP Topology Table After neighborship is established between EIGRP routers, the topology exchange takes place. The topology information that one router receives from its neighbor is then placed in its topology table. The second table that is used in EIGRP is called a Topology Table. Read more [...]

World Cup, My Cup

Finally! The excruciating, biggest sports event in the world is finally over. At least for the next 4 years. But the frenzy isn't over yet, and I don't think it will be for the next few months... Taking a break from my CCNP study, I took some time to check out the world cup last month, and found myself addicted to it for a few days. Can't blame me, because the whole world was talking about it - it re-wrote history (even US started watching it). At some point, it meant the world to the world. Read more [...]

Neighborships over WANs

Although EIGRP configuration and neighborship on typical LAN does not differ much from typical WAN technologies, some design and operational differences exist. Let's take a quick look at some of these WAN technologies and how EIGRP adapts. Neighborship on Frame Relay On a frame relay network, not all routers become neighbors but all routers can learn all routes in the internetwork. Frame Relay is a layer 2 WAN service that connects pairs of routers by connecting them to a Frame Relay cloud via Read more [...]