CCNP Route: Special Rules in Choosing OSPF Routes

I guess by now, we know and understand how a router chooses OSPF routes to reach intra area (within the same area) and inter area (in another area) networks. There are special cases, however, that need to be discussed before we proceed to another chapter. Consider the backbone area with 2 ABRs connecting to the same non-backbone area. This is a common OSPF setup as many companies use more than 1 ABR for the purpose of redundancy. The reason I'm highlighting this is that if there are 2 ABRs connecting Read more [...]

I’ve Found My Life Verse, What’s Yours?

So I was reading an article about the importance of having a life verse - something to keep with you not just in times of trouble, but also in times of hopelessness or when you forget the goodness of God's grace. Those times do exist, so, better be prepared. I've heard other people's life verses and it wasn't until today that I realized that I also need one. Actually, every christian should have one. It is very handy. I do have seasonal verses but a life verse is different. It is God's Word or promise Read more [...]

CCNP Route: Choosing OSPF Routes – Inter Area

Yesterday, we learned about how OSPF chooses Intra-Area routes. Today, we'll learn about how inter-area OSPF routes are chosen. So, just for the sake of a quick review and to make sure we're on the same page, an OSPF router runs the SPF algorithm to determine all paths available to reach a subnet within the same area. The router, then adds up all the outgoing interfaces cost to reach that subnet and chooses the lowest cost to be put in the routing table. That's how it works for Intra-Area OSPF Read more [...]