World Cup, My Cup

Finally! The excruciating, biggest sports event in the world is finally over. At least for the next 4 years. But the frenzy isn't over yet, and I don't think it will be for the next few months... Taking a break from my CCNP study, I took some time to check out the world cup last month, and found myself addicted to it for a few days. Can't blame me, because the whole world was talking about it - it re-wrote history (even US started watching it). At some point, it meant the world to the world. Read more [...]

Neighborships over WANs

Although EIGRP configuration and neighborship on typical LAN does not differ much from typical WAN technologies, some design and operational differences exist. Let's take a quick look at some of these WAN technologies and how EIGRP adapts. Neighborship on Frame Relay On a frame relay network, not all routers become neighbors but all routers can learn all routes in the internetwork. Frame Relay is a layer 2 WAN service that connects pairs of routers by connecting them to a Frame Relay cloud via Read more [...]

EIGRP Neighborship

This is a continuation of EIGRP Overview and Neighbor Relationships The previous configuration (configuration review, specifically the network command) basically tells EIGRP on which interfaces to dynamically discovery neighbors. Once a network command matches an interface, EIGRP is enabled for that interface - which also means - the interface can discover EIGRP neighbors, dynamically. Dynamic discovery is done by the interface sending Hello messages. When two connecting routes Read more [...]