CCNP Route: Route Redistribution and Filtering with Route Map

Last time, we went through the basics of Route Redistribution and demonstrated how to redistribute EIGRP into OSPF and vice versa. Today, we'll look at how we can apply a route map to filter redistributed routes. A route map has many uses. But in this example, we'll only be looking at how effective a route map works in filtering redistributed routes. With a route map, we will be able to filter routes or ranges of routes based on prefix/mask. The following steps will guide us in correctly configuring Read more [...]

Early Morning Random Thoughts

It's one of those times when you have no idea what to do and the clock is ticking and there just has to be something done. I very much prefer to make the most out of everything and do as much as possible in a span of time. But right now, I'm the total opposite of who I thought I was. It's 2:30AM and I absolutely have no idea what to do. I know what I should be doing. I should be studying for CCNP Route. But that's really boring. I want to be entertained, too. I told myself quite a few things Read more [...]

CCNP Route: Redistribute EIGRP into OSPF

Today, we'll learn how to redistribute external routes into OSPF. Our example will focus on how to redistribute EIGRP into OSPF. Last time we learned the opposite - redistribute OSPF into EIGRP. That was short and easy to understand, unlike what we're going to learn today. I did have a hard time understanding it. Partly because I was sleepy. Also because it's not as straightforward as with redistribution into EIGRP. Anyway, enough of that, let's just go through the following examples and see how Read more [...]