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For every wordpress blog, it’s a MUST to have a social bookmarking tool, preferrably before every post. Why? It’s the best way to let your readers share your posts. If they find your post interesting, they will look for ways on how to share it. They either share it to their friends via email or to their social profiles. With that being said, are we just gonna let them face all the hassles of copying and pasting urls? Not everyone is as smart as you are so don’t make it hard for them. Spoonfeed your readers (they like that). Use social bookmarking plugins and tools to guide your readers and give them a simple, 1-click-share power to spread your word. You both get the benefit.

So here’s my top 3, most favorite social profiles and bookmarking plugins for wordpress.

Socialize! – This is the best bookmarking plugin for wordpress, ever. It’s what I use for most of my websites. I love how it looks when aligned to the far right of my post. It makes the post look professional or magazine-ish. And at the bottom of each post, you can add more social bookmark options. Here’s how it looks on top and bottom of a post. (Screenshot taken from here)

social bookmarking

This shows up at the beginning of the post

social bookmarking

This appears at the end of the post

Sexy Bookmarks – This is the first wordpress social bookmarking plugin I’ve ever used. First impressions really last. This is an all time favorite. Simply because it’s sexy and elegant. The big icons that slide up and down just give an effect that makes your blog look elegant. My words don’t bring this plugin justice. So let me show you how good this plugin does in action. (It doesn’t show on this screenshot, but when you point your mouse over the icons, they pop out, like daisies!)

social bookmarking

Sexy Bookmarks in action

Simple Social Bookmarks – From the name itself, this plugin is just simple and easy to use. And that’s why I like it. When I had almost no time to create a fancy wordpress blog and came up with a rather dull and plain looking one, I had to complement it with another plain looking and simple social bookmarks plugin. And I found this. Here’s how it looks:

social bookmarking

Simple Social Bookmarks

I hope this post helps you in finding the one that fits your website best. For professional looking blogs, I’d recommend Socialize and Sexy Bookmarks for a sexy look. Lastly, to have a simple yet satisfying bookmark tool, use Simple Social Bookmarks.

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