Like A Candle

Here’s the song I promised I’d be posting tonight (or today as it’s 12:23AM right now). It’s called Like A Candle. I don’t get tired of talking about salvation, it’s every great journey’s beginning. So yes, this song somehow talks about salvation. I wanted it to turn out like a Jars Of Clay song (But I just couldn’t cause I’m not Dan Haseltine!). But no. It’s a totally different kindof music. Perhaps country. Lyrics below, leave me a line or two and let me know what you think needs to improve lol. I’m not good at playing guitar and I don’t have a studio – just so you know. Lol. God bless! (You can download it here.)

Like A Candle

When I close my eyes
And say my morning prayer
I think about the moment I met You

Like the morning sun
You broke the evening rain
I’m thinking bout the moment I met You

I was lost, I was weary
I was hurt, I was lonely
Couldn’t find my way
Those days I was empty
But You showed up
Like a candle in my night
Now I’m free

I guess now’s the time
To say how much I want You
To have You by my side forever

All my loneliness
You replaced with happiness
I want You by my side forever

Free to dance again
Free to take Your hand
Free to face tomorrow
Free to be with You

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