Happy New Year & Looking Forward!

It’s been a year since I last posted here (cause it was still 2012 when I published my last post, in case you didn’t get the joke). It is now 2013 and the future looks bright! Like the morning sky! When it’s not raining. I had a bountiful 2012, learned a lot, met new friends, built relationships with the people around me, sang a lot, took risks, made mistakes, regret some but thankful, for the most part. I am alive and kicking and if you care to know, I am still on my first CCNA module (Network Fundamentals, with3 more to go) and will complete it by September this year. It’s awfully long and I am getting impatient.

I want to learn all this Cisco stuff already and take the exam! If it were that easy. Subnetting makes me vomit blood. Routing protocols, I don’t even want to talk about that. Ironically, I’ve been posting little things on here about networking. It was easy learning them the first time, but keeping them in mind is a whole new story. It gets kind of boring at times, you know. But it’s really interesting and in most cases, I enjoy it. I’m like 20% done reading my course materials. The understanding part, who knows how long that’d take. If I learn something, I want to learn it by heart, tattoo it on my brain. But this one will need a lot of pounding. Well, enough of this talk.

The other highlights of my 2012 and early 2013…

I got promoted! Woohoo. I am richer lol.
I got to visit St. James Amusement Park in Cebu, for the first time.
I am finally able to attend church services!
I am starting to save for my macbook pro, my future recording buddy.

Nothing else really exciting. The rest of the time I was just living life :-)

Some plans this year…

I’ll be posting some ccna stuff on here
I’ll be recording a song on my future macbook and give it away for free! (Music is FREE!)
I’ll take CCNA certifications
I’ll (probably it’s too soon to tell) close a chapter of my life and start a whole new one.

Quoting someone I met at work (not personally met) – I am “Looking forward to a brighter future”. And I hope you are too.

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Abigail Abanilla

Associate Network Engineer at Nucleus Connect Pte Ltd.
I work at a Network Operations Centre and blog about everything Networking. Currently studying for my CCNP exam. Check out my blog & let's learn together! (Galatians 2:20)
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